Further Soft Commodity Sales to China

Jatenergy Development Pty Ltd facilitate further shipments of milk powder, baby formula, wine and health care FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) to China.

Signed trade agreement with MMG Fortune Pty Ltd for sales of Chinese base chemicals into Australia.

Further FMCG Trading

Chinese demand for Australia branded and produced health and baby products is now reaching capacity for Australian manufactures to provide. The company Jatenergy Development Pty Ltd (subsidiary of Jatenergy Limited) is continuing to facilitate the export not only baby milk powder but wine, health care products and supplements. The revenue from these activities will be important as ready cash flow for the company.

Jatenergy has a growing network of Chinese distributors and buyers wanting to secure Australian product. The appeal for Australian products remains strong due to our strict manufacturing protocols, procedures and acceptance only of high quality and original ingredients. Most Chinese consumers are aware of the influx of counterfeit product and will only purchase product that is sold in Australia itself.

MMG Fortune Agreement

The board of Jatenergy are also pleased to announce that it has entered into agreement with MMG Fortune for the exclusive rights to promote and sell chemical product including Ammonium Nitrate, Melamine, Soda Ash and Sodium Hydrosulphite. MMG Fortune deals direct with the chemical producer and are able to provide this chemical material at substantial saving and of high quality. They already distribute globally and look at Australia and Jatenergy to bring and promote their products.