MOU Signed with Ausline providing access to Alibaba platform to promote Australian products

Fast Moving Commodity Goods (FMCG) Update

Jatenergy signs an MOU with “Ausline Shipping Consultant Pty Ltd” and “Shenzhen Aoniu Investment Co.” to assist in the growing FMCG in China using our conduit to Alibaba and source supply from Australian manufactures.

Continued strong trade results for October and November 2015 for Jatenergy Development Pty Ltd.

Strengthening Trade through Collaboration

Mr Wilton Yao
Mr Wilton Yao

The directors of Jatenergy Limited (“Jatenergy”, “the Company”) are pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an MOU with “Ausline Shipping Consultant Pty Ltd” and its sister Chinese company “Shenzhen Aoniu Investment Co.” (collectively known as “Ausline”) to distribute and market product sourced by Jatenergy and Ausline for sale into China. Ausline brings 10 years of experience in selling products into China, with the knowledge of what is required to bring product to successful sale in China. Ausline adds both the logistics and warehousing ability to Jatenergy’s FMCG value chain. “We can now source Australian and New Zealand product, warehouse in Australia, ship or airfreight to China cheaply, again warehouse in China and sell both on the on-line and off-line markets”, said Wilton Yao director of Jatenergy. “This means we, Jatenergy, can establish a direct line from Australian supplier to Chinese consumer.”

Relationship with Alibaba

The relationship with Ausline have given Jatenergy assess to Alibaba and its on-line trading platform in China. Recent meeting with Alibaba in Sydney confirms that the Chinese market is long term and huge. Jatenergy offers its source suppliers a holistic structure to export and still maintain its domestic market. Through its marketing collaboration with HealthOne and Ausline/Jatenergy can now provide a strategy for Australian manufacturers wanting to maintain their Australian customers whilst trying out the huge Chinese market. Alibaba is the world largest on line platform form B2C and B2B and its growth is continuing at a phenomenal rate as more and more Chinese join the on-line market for product purchase. For example Alibaba recently held a promotion sale called Singles Day on the 11/11/15 sale China Tmall (owned by Alibaba) reached 10b RMB (approx. $AUD2 billion sales within 12 minutes and 28 seconds.

Leung Ling from Alibaba mentioned that “Australian products sell on Alibaba like hot cakes”, also that “Alibaba is better for the smaller niche company that don’t have representation in China. They have the flexibility to sell and promote their product without in-china interference”.

Continued Growth in October November Sales

Mr Tony Crimmins
Mr Tony Crimmins

To keep the market informed Jatenergy has seen a credible growth in October/November 2015 overseas sales to China and will report in January its cash flow position. “The strategy for the company is trading Australian products in China and building collaboration amongst liked minded business” Tony Crimmins CEO Jatenergy, “we continue to find partners that can add real value to the company and the results will be forthcoming showing that we have moved toward a solid business.”

About Ausline

Ausline has been operating since 2011 with the CEO Cindy Wang having over 15 years’ experience in the trading, marketing and logistics of product from Australia and New Zealand to many global destinations. The company has built a high standard in service to Australian manufacturers that are wanting to export product without having to be concerned about marketing, logistic and repatriation of cash. Ausline has an agreement to endorse Alibaba as an internet platform to promote Australian products to gain the attention of the Chinese consumer.