Quarterly sales of just under $2 million

September 2016 quarter FMCG revenue — $1,780,000

Mr Tony Crimmins
Mr Tony Crimmins

“Investors will be pleased to note that sales invoiced for the quarter were just under $2 million due to increased activity in our DAIGOU(*) sector,” Executive Chairman Mr Tony Crimmins said. “JAT continues to seek products and brands that pass Chinese CIQ standards which is paramount in ensuring legal exportation of product to the satisfaction of Chinese regulations.”

The company remains committed to assist all Australia food, cosmetic and nutraceutical producers fair access to the Chinese market. JAT will continue to focus on products that sell well in Australia and adhere to Australian Product Standards.

The company has a number of high line distributors in China seeking Australian product which demand good and safe product for sale to the Chinese consumer.

(*) Daigou (Chinese: 代购 dàigòu also 海外代购 hǎiwài dàigòu) is a channel of commerce in which a Chinese personoverseas purchases luxury goods for a customer in mainland China. The phrase means `buying on behalf of`.