Gross sales of over $2 million in a single day … China’s “Singles Day”

Jatenergy is very proud to have had the opportunity to participate in Single’s Day sales activities with our local suppliers, our Chinese partners and logistics teams. Jatenergy had gross sales of over $2 million of Australian products including dairy products and health supplements.

“It is great news for our suppliers and distributors”, says Wilton Yao director of Jatenergy. “We thank our local suppliers for their products and participation in the great event.”

Mr Wilton Yao

Our successful participation in “Singles Day” gives confidence for sales in the upcoming Christmas and Chinese New Year period.

Jatenergy has been trading into China for the past 18 months and is continuing to increase its sales quarter by quarter. Wilton Yao sees more business for Australian companies as China welcomes its high- quality products and regards Australian production as safe and clean. “It is important that we market product that is wanted by the Chinese market and we bring product into China through the proper and legal channels. It is the reputation of our Company and our suppliers that is important, with it you gain trust and get more opportunity to sell product”.

Singles day is regarded as the biggest one day sale and within the first five minutes of the sale Alibaba posted over US$1 billion dollars in sales, with a final figure expected to be approximately US$17.6 billion for Alibaba alone. Mr Yao said “It is expected that Alibaba will break another Singles Day sales record this year. Chinese consumers are spending big and continue to regardless.” The Singles Day was invented by students in China as a counter to Valentine’s day. The joke day is now regarded as the target day for Australian manufactures selling into China. Pioneered by Alibaba in 2009 and since replicated by rivals including, Singles Day has become somewhat of a barometer of Chinese consumer sentiment.