Record Sales in March Quarter

The Board is please to announce another record quarter with sales for the quarter ending 31 March 2017 exceeding $3.8 million. This result reflects continued development of Jat’s supply of quality Australian products and a strong working relationship with Daigou groups.

JAT’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods strategy takes advantage of several powerful, long term trends affecting trade between Australia and China.


  1. A massive and growing Chinese middle class. Estimated to be between 109 and 145 million people and growing, this group is following a pattern regarded as standard for developing economies: as disposable income increases, private consumption increases, not only in absolute terms, but also proportionally.
  2. An ageing population. China’s demography is undergoing significant change, becoming one of the world’s fastest ageing nations, creating massive demand for healthcare and for pharmaceutical and personal care products and services.
  3. A cultural shift. Chinese dietary and consumer goods consumption patterns are becoming more international and more westernized.
  4. Australian products: healthy and safe. Australia is perceived as a natural source of safe and healthy products benefiting from strict and consumer protection laws.
  5. ChAFTA entered into force in December 2015 with some tarrifs falling immediately and many more scheduled between then and January 2029. This will provide a continuing source of opportunities over coming decades.