Agreement with Shanghai Dragon Corporation to co-develop brands for Australian products

JAT and Shanghai Dragon Corporation (SDC) have agreed to work together to bring Australian products to Chinese consumers, and to co-develop own-brands for the Chinese market.

SDC is a large, state controlled, publically listed business with annual sales in excess of AUD 1 billion, and over 4,000 retail outlets.

“This week we have taken major steps toward selling more Golden Koala products online and offline,” JAT Director Wilton Yao said. “Our commitment to sourcing the best Australian produce is unwavering and we will continue to work with China’s most capable online and offline distributors to deliver them to Chinese families,” Mr Yao said. “Golden Koala’s natural, nutritious milk powders are helping to feed millions of infants and toddlers, and their families, and we are working to get a new premium OPO infant formula (with the same fatty acid structure as mothers’ milk) to market as soon as possible.”

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