JAT Directors inspect the site for the first ‘Jat Maternity and Infant Boutique’, and secure first Sheng Run order

JAT directors inspected the site of the first JAT Maternity and Children’s Shop in the Hui Yue Shopping Mall in Zhengzhou last week to discuss details such as shop size, design, fit out and product range.  Arrangements also progressed for securing the logistics of delivering JAT products to the Hui Yue Shopping Mall and other locations where JAT Maternity and Children’s Shops are to be established in other Sheng Run Group shopping malls.


At the same time, they succeeded in leveraging JAT’s relationship with the Sheng Run Group by securing an initial order for NEURIO – Lactoferrin Milk Powder, one of Sunnya’s key products.

The first order is for 960 tins.

“This order illustrates the value of combining Sunnya’s product range with JAT’s distribution capacity,” Executive Director Wilton Yao said. “The potential benefits of combining the two businesses are hard to overstate. NEURIO – Lactoferrin Milk Powder is a very impressive product and we expect it to be just the first of Sunnya’s product range that we sell.”