Huibao International Group Distribution Agreement and First Order

The Directors are pleased to announce that JAT has entered into a distribution agreement with Australian Huibao International Group Limited (Huibao).

Huibao is an Australian owned company which operates a ‘Community O2O’ business in five regions of China: Shiyan, Beijing, Xi’an, Tianjin, and Changsha. Huibao’s Community O2O business has been utilising mobile apps to promote, sell (via a mobile payment gateway) and deliver products to consumers since 2013.

O2O refers to the sales strategy of “online-to-offline”, which draws potential customers from online channels to make purchases from physical stores. HuiBao will distribute JAT products in China via its online platform and app.

Huibao has moved quickly, placing its first order for 960 tins of NEURIO– Lactoferrin Milk Powder.

“NEURIO is an outstanding product and we are delighted with the reception it is receiving from our distribution network,” Executive Director Wilton Yao said. “I have no doubt this will be the first of many orders of NEURIO and of other products from Huibao.”