Golden Koala Sales and CFDA approval update

English label infant formula and milk powders

Preparations for the new English language label Golden Koala milk products have been completed and the following orders placed with manufacturers;

  • one container of Golden KOALA Premium Infant Formula (Stage I for newborns to six months), Premium Follow-On Formula (Stage II for six to twelve months), and Premium Toddler Milk Drink (Stage III for one to three years).
  • one container of high calcium GOLDEN KOALA Full Cream Instant Milk Powder.

Golden KOALA Premium Infant, Follow-On and Toddler formula will be sold through the network of cross-border distributors that JAT has been developing over recent months.

GOLDEN KOALA Full Cream Instant Milk Powder will be sold through cross-border distributors and in addition, wholesaled to domestic distributors for sale in Chinese shops and supermarkets.

Chinese label formulation confirmed, key milestone in CFDA approval process

Additionally, the Chinese label formulation for Golden KOALA Premium Infant products has now been finalised. This is a key milestone in the CFDA approval process for domestic Chinese distribution, as samples can now be prepared for laboratory testing, which is a major preparatory step before the CFDA application is finalised.

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