Jatenergy Limited (JAT) to participate in China’s 618 shopping festival. Special orders shipped to major platforms for 618 generating additional revenue of more than $2.7m. 

 JAT is pleased to announce that JAT and its subsidiaries have received special orders for goods to be shipped to China specifically for the 618 shopping festival amounting to more than $2.7m. The orders were received from various Chinese platforms including major maternal stores and pharmacies. 

What is the 618 shopping festival? 

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Founded on June 18th, 1998, China’s second most prominent e-commerce festival after Single’s Day, 618 celebrates the foundation of The festival can be viewed as JD’s response to Alibaba’s own shopping extravaganza in November, with considerable deals throughout, and strong promotions leading up to the event. As with Singles’ Day, other retailers also host sales, though JD receives the most attention. 

In order to participate in the 618 festival, special orders for goods are made to suppliers, those orders need to be specifically shipped and be on hand in China normally 2 weeks before 18th June 2019. 

Although the current trade situation is very unstable, JAT continues to increase its sales and profits with innovative, healthy and diversified products. The sales channels of the Neurio and Golden Koala brands in the Chinese market are also increasing in each trading period. 

Wilton Yao

Managing Director