JAT’s Chinese business network

JAT’s Chinese business network offers substantial opportunities for Australian brand owners.

JAT director Mr Xipeng Li

Mr Xipeng Li has extensive investments in roads, power stations, hospitals, water supplies, property development, financial services and renewable energy throughout mainland China.

Mr Li is also a Director, and the third largest shareholder, of one of China’s major commercial banks.

In 2015, Mr Li’s businesses signed an agreement to invest approximately A$1.1 billion to establish a large data centre and online platform with Alibaba in China.

Major online platforms

JAT operates official flagship stores for major Australian and international brands on TMall, JD, VIP and other online platforms.

Bricks and Mortar’ Retail Stores

JAT supplies Australian products to more than 400 department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies in over 30 provinces in China, and offline sales are expanding both in volume and reach. As Chinese retailers require CIQ and CFDA approvals, JAT’s expertise in this area is invaluable.