Golden Koala* is an established Australian brand in the Chinese market with an award-winning range including; fresh full cream milk and pure, scientifically validated dairy milk infant formulas, and instant full cream and skim milk powders.

Golden Koala’s infant powder contains the ‘OPO fatty acids’ (Oleic-Palmitic-Oleic) found in mother’s milk. Traditional fat blends found in most infant formula have a different (POP) structure. The OPO fatty acid structure has been demonstrated in clinical studies to be associated with;

  • Increased absorption of calcium and energy
  • Increased bone strength
  • Healthier gut bacteria and intestinal health
  • Less crying, less constipation and better sleep.

These health benefits are well known in China making OPO formulations strongly sought-after as premium products.

Golden Koala has a production agreement with one of only 15 Australian manufacturers currently accredited by Chinese authorities to export infant formula into China. Each manufacturer is licenced for a maximum of three formulations so Golden Koala’s powder will be one of a strictly limited number which can be sold offline: securing a valuable “brand slot” in Chinese shops and supermarkets.

Golden Koala is currently in the process of applying to renew its China FDA approval.


*   Cobbitty Country has entered into an agreement to purchase 51% of Golden Koala, subject to shareholder approval.