JAT delivers a true end-to-end export service

Chinese Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) clearances

CIQ clearance is required to sell through Chinese shops and supermarkets. The process has been known to take anywhere from 2 to 24 months and require significant financial investment. JAT has its own CIQ number to bring in product from Australia to China
and has obtained CIQ approvals for health care products; infant formulas and milks powders; and packaged fish, sheep and beef products.

JAT can manage the CIQ clearance process for your products.

Fast, low cost entry into shopping and wholesaler platforms

JAT can arrange shopfront promotion on Alibaba, TMall, VIP and WeChat; showroom product placement in Guangzhou and Shanghai, an offline distribution to supermarkets, for a minimal investment.

Long term business partnership for existing and new products

An in-depth understanding of Chinese consumers and market trends puts JAT in a strong position to advice our Australian partners regarding the potential for existing products, and to assist in developing new products for the Chinese market.

Payment assurance and market price protection

JAT will pay for your product ex-warehouse or delivered to our warehouse, eliminating your cross border payment risks and providing market price protection.

Full logistics and showroom support

We will make all shipping arrangements and manage stock levels in a mainland China warehouse to meet internet sales and offline shopping demand.

Sensitivity to your domestic market

We understand that your exports must not interfere with your capacity to service domestic market demand and will work with you to co-ordinate export order growth within your manufacturing capacity.

Co-investment to funding expansion

As a public listed company, JAT has access to investors from Australia, USA, UK and China, and are able to raise funds from investment banks, managed funds and private individuals. These funds are available to companies requiring capital for product development, or to expand manufacturing or marketing capacities to meet Chinese demand.

Contact us for a detailed briefing regarding our export facilitation services and to explore the Chinese market potential for your brands.