Why do Chinese buyers choose JAT?

JAT prides itself on being an ethical provider of authentic Australian made products for China

We select the best Australian products and work to ensure that our Chinese consumers are completely satisfied with each step in every transaction. This drives word-of-mouth referrals: the key to the ‘daigou’ industry.

We perform extensive due diligence on Australian producers 

We ensure that all products are made to appropriate Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practices so that our Chinese customers know that what they receive is authentic and meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Every product we sell is legally imported into China

All products are CIQ (Chinese Inspection and Quarantine) and CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) approved, as required by Chinese retailers. We do not participate in “grey” channels, only using official trading routes as prescribed by Chinese authorities. JAT has assisted many Australian companies to bring their products into China with CIQ and CFDA approval.  

JAT has strong business relationships with major Australian brands, manufacturers, and suppliers.

We assist Chinese buyers to establish business relationships with local companies, source Australian products, and arrange OEM manufacturing for Chinese buyers.

More importantly JAT is able to assist major Chinese sales platforms to establish business relationships Australian companies seeking to establish flagship stores in mainland China.

We support the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

JAT believes that attention to official trading guidelines is paramount to growing Chinese Australian trade.