Why do Australian brands choose JAT?

An enviable track record

Over the last two years JAT has facilitated the export of scores of Australian branded products for major Australian producers and retailers.

Extensive online and offline distribution

Our strategic business partnerships with the major Chinese online platforms, including TMall, the world’s largest E-Commence platform. This has allowed us to set up official flagship stores for Australian and international brands  —  vital for market positioning. We also work with large Chinese supermarkets and O2O (online to offline) import product centres.

Relationships with CIQ, CFDA and other regulatory bodies

Our strong working relationship with CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine), CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) and other regulatory bodies allows us to secure the approvals necessary to allow new and existing Australian products to be sold in Chinese shops and supermarkets.

Pre-approval O2O

We organize O2O (online to offline) facilities in Chinese supermarkets. This allows customers to order Australian product through the supermarket’s online systems, providing an opportunity to showcase Australian products before obtaining CIQ clearance for offline sales.

Connections at the highest levels

Board level and working connections provide JAT with access to an extensive Chinese business network.

In short, we have the resources needed to offer an holistic export service to Australian producers.